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There are more product lines than ever, but having the in-house expertise to ensure your needs is crucial to ensuring that a server solution will not just suffice, but excel.  For some it may have started out as a chassis manufacturer and developing along with the needs of the customer.  Product portfolios expand, with the older releases working for long standing clients while new facilities aim to improve over time.  From there it can expand to design and deliver electronics as well. 

Outsourcing design and engineering is one way to get one-time designs completed, but this can leave a gap in updates and changes that need to be incorporated.  With in-house talent, the manufacturer can get updates for customers faster as well as work on new innovations for products. 

The designs can be closely matched to specific arrangements and chipsets, and patents are also possible when using your own design team to deter copycats from providing the same product. 

Staying focused is also key for providing products, and sometimes this means not trying to please every customer with every product.  This leads to dominating certain market positions for longer durations, providing top quality products that exceed expectations.  Those manufacturers with the customized solutions become a resource for customers, especially when they have the ability to devote engineering time, leveraged solutions, and experience to help save time and effort on the delivery. 

Data center managers know that it is crucial to have tight control over costs while supporting customer uptime and other needs.  The manufacturer that understands this best is likely to be in the best position to find solutions, including easing budget pressures.  Sometimes that can come with products that have flexibility in their chassis for dynamic power and changing application and storage requirements.  This leads to a more hassle-free server chassis that can be adjusted or upgraded after install for future requirements. 

The equipment materials are also important, and non-coated heavy-duty cold-rolled steel may be the normal for some and custom for others.  Other innovative items, such as tool-less trays for drives or top covers, simplify the design and save money.  Allowing drive replacements and access to be quicker are among the benefits for these two common approaches, and working with the manufacturer can derive more, whether for operation, security, or maintainability. 

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