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Smart Data Centers

By Green Data Center Man | Jul 02, 2018

As we collect more and more data about everything around us, smarter cities and facilities are developing to operate in more efficient and reliable ways.  The same can be done for data centers, as the massive amount of data can be leveraged to reduce risk while striving to optimize how the many data center systems […]
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Take Advantage of DCIM

By Green Data Center Man | Mar 06, 2018

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools have had a number of approaches to save data center managers time, money and uptime.  While the different tools have come from different directions in the industry, such as facilities or communications, the tools themselves are all performing well when used as intended.  Managing assets, capacity, change, power, energy, and […]
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Environments to be Monitored

By Green Data Center Man | Nov 05, 2017

Monitoring a data center is an important part of managing how it operates and making decisions for the future.  Knowing what is important to measure and monitor is crucial, as the deluge of information and misleading metrics can begin to lead you astray. About one in three facilities will have an outage of four hours […]
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Better Modeling, Better Results

By Green Data Center Man | Sep 05, 2017

Modeling your data center using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can help get a better picture of the data center performance, hot spots, air flows, pressures and more.  There are natural concerns about the cost, complexity, and how a CFD can compliment your floor design and work with your Data Center Information Management (DCIM) tools. CFD […]
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Software Defined Data Center

By Green Data Center Man | May 06, 2017

Sometime in the next year the world will have about 3 billion users of the internet.  This expansion will continue to increase to about 3.5 billion or more by 2018 as access to new markets continues.  India and southeast Asia will see double-digit growth, assisted by Google, Facebook and others as they create new ways […]
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Self-driving data centers

By Green Data Center Man | Feb 21, 2016

As we delve deep into another year there are no shortage of summaries over the last year and predictions for 2020 and the next decade.  The last year, as the year before, has seen even more awareness of climate change and advocation for renewable energy sources.  Along with this is the demand for smarter services, […]
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