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Green Data Center Podcast, Season 4 Episode 2 Transcript

By Green Data Center Man | Aug 18, 2022

Compass Data Centers expansions in Italy & Northern Virginia;  Prince William County Digital Gateway;  Helen Energy in Helsinki reusing data center heat;  Existing data centers and your sustainability/decarbonization plan This is the green data center podcast, season four, episode two. This time we'll cover some of the business transactions in the data center market, as […]
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Generators and Fuel Sources

By Green Data Center Man | Feb 19, 2020

Most generators supporting data centers tend to use diesel as the fuel source, as the fuel can be stored on site to be controlled and replenished.  The amount of filtering of the fuel can vary, as the diesel that is filled into a truck might seem reliably clean, but the truck tank or fuel lines […]
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ASHRAE 90.4 Update

By Green Data Center Man | Oct 04, 2019

In most jurisdictions ASHRAE 90.1 is used as the building energy standard to be followed as part of their building codes.  Data centers were often exempt from 90.1 until 2010 when they were specifically noted to be included.  There was push back, as some provisions of 90.1 were deemed too prescriptive, so in 2012 there […]
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Early Warning Signs of Power Equipment Trouble

By Green Data Center Man | Sep 13, 2019

There are quite a lot of components that go into a data center, with their operations expected to be reliable 24/7.  Arguably the most important are those providing the power to the IT equipment as well as the other supporting systems that keep the data center cool, secure, and operational.  Preventative maintenance and a good […]
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NFPA 855 & Energy Storage

By Green Data Center Man | Aug 28, 2019

The rise of battery storage systems has increased significantly as solar photovoltaic and other systems seek a way to capture power during peaks to use at other times.  In turn there have been a fire safety concerns that then led NFPA to generate the new standard, 855.  The National Fire Protection Association has released the […]
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DC Power Revisited

By Green Data Center Man | Apr 25, 2019

DC power has been proposed for use since Edison debated with Tesla about which should be used.  Ultimately AC has been used more since it allows transmission over long distances which suited having large, centralized power plants.  But with so many of today’s devices and systems using  we see a resurgence of DC power AC […]
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Artificial Intelligence in Data Centers

By Green Data Center Man | Mar 11, 2019

First, how do we define AI?  In commercial buildings AI is often thought of as applying analytic engines on gathered information then use those models, algorithms, and rules to make better decisions on how the systems are operated.  Most of us aren’t programmers and we use the term AI with the intention of adding sophistication […]
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Cryptocurrency and the Data Center

By Green Data Center Man | Jan 06, 2019

As blockchain and cryptomining were starting, people were attempting to do the same in their garages and other ad-hoc locations with little thought to scaling or efficiency.  But once those power costs started to add up, it was clear that they needed to relocate even if they did have to rent in a new space […]
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Lights Out

By Green Data Center Man | Aug 05, 2017

Lighting in the data center has been a target in data centers for a while, as they can have upwards of 1.5 watts per square foot of white space.  While this power density may seem small by comparison with the computing loads, any lighting with over 1.0 watts per square foot is likely higher than […]
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3+ Billion Users, 30+ Billion Connected Devices

By Green Data Center Man | Jun 06, 2017

Sometime in the next year the world will have about 3 billion users of the internet.  This expansion will continue to increase to about 3.5 billion or more by 2018 as access to new markets continues.  India and southeast Asia will see double-digit growth, assisted by Google, Facebook and others as they create new ways […]
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