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Sprinkler system inspection, maintenance and testing from afar

By Green Data Center Man | Jul 27, 2021

Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, a surprising 20% of sprinkler system failures resulted from deficient inspection, testing, and maintenance. This comes from National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports, where cited that lack of maintenance is causing about 10% of failures and damage is the cause for about 7%. For data centers, there are a […]
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Building to the sky: Structure & Utilities

By Green Data Center Man | Mar 25, 2021

Typical data centers need stout structural support to ensure that the heavy equipment inside will be able to be supported without any possible issues. Increased density of IT equipment doesn’t just mean the power and cooling needs, but the servers themselves are physically weighing more than before. For a data center structural design this simply […]
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Modernizing a Data Center for 2020

By Green Data Center Man | Jan 29, 2020

A path to modernize the infrastructure of a data center facility As 2020 begins, we have likely noticed that the many components of the data center infrastructure have aged past their warranties and software management tools no longer echo the reality of the actual systems.  Along with this the ongoing operations & maintenance (O&M) grows […]
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Early Warning Signs of Power Equipment Trouble

By Green Data Center Man | Sep 13, 2019

There are quite a lot of components that go into a data center, with their operations expected to be reliable 24/7.  Arguably the most important are those providing the power to the IT equipment as well as the other supporting systems that keep the data center cool, secure, and operational.  Preventative maintenance and a good […]
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Metal Roofing for Improved Efficiency

By Green Data Center Man | Jul 26, 2019

Every year there are millions of square feet of data center space constructed but also millions of square feet that are renovated.  Over the course of 20-30 years, the interior spaces of a data center may be revised two, three or more times to meet the modern needs.  Along with this, whether the building is […]
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Air Energy Recovery

By Green Data Center Man | Jun 21, 2019

Data center managers are always on the lookout for a means to reduce the heat that their facilities generate to operate more efficiently. During the winter seasons is often brought up to use the warmer air from the data center return stream to heat other spaces, as it seems like an obvious way to save […]
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Artificial Intelligence in Data Centers

By Green Data Center Man | Mar 11, 2019

First, how do we define AI?  In commercial buildings AI is often thought of as applying analytic engines on gathered information then use those models, algorithms, and rules to make better decisions on how the systems are operated.  Most of us aren’t programmers and we use the term AI with the intention of adding sophistication […]
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Tin Whiskers

By Green Data Center Man | Apr 06, 2017

Tin whiskers form when tin plating on component leads is under pressure.  The tin squeezes out to form filaments as thin as a human hair.  The whiskers grow long enough to potentially cause a short circuit.  This concern has come about since the European Union adopted restricition of hazardous substances, which has led manufacturers to […]
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Energy Management Systems

By Green Data Center Man | Nov 06, 2016

Have you heard the phrase ‘you can’t manage what you can’t measure?’ This is true for your data center, and having an energy management system in place with your hands on the reigns gives you a good means to measure and manage. An energy management system (EMS) is to let you see where your energy […]
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Warmer Chilled Water on Existing Systems

By Green Data Center Man | Oct 06, 2016

So we are looking to save energy, and one of those ways is increasing the chilled water temperature.  But how does that save anything?  Increasing the chilled water temperature brings it closer to the condenser water temperature and thereby reduces the amount of work (lift) a chiller has to perform.  Since the chiller usually has […]
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