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Generators and Fuel Sources

By Green Data Center Man | Feb 19, 2020

Most generators supporting data centers tend to use diesel as the fuel source, as the fuel can be stored on site to be controlled and replenished.  The amount of filtering of the fuel can vary, as the diesel that is filled into a truck might seem reliably clean, but the truck tank or fuel lines […]
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Modernizing a Data Center for 2020

By Green Data Center Man | Jan 29, 2020

A path to modernize the infrastructure of a data center facility As 2020 begins, we have likely noticed that the many components of the data center infrastructure have aged past their warranties and software management tools no longer echo the reality of the actual systems.  Along with this the ongoing operations & maintenance (O&M) grows […]
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Security & HVAC

By Green Data Center Man | Dec 06, 2019

We are about to begin a new decade and in so consultants will be more responsible for designing the controls systems to be safe and secure.  ASHRAE released the latest in the Handbook series, HVAC Applications, in 2019 with updates to chapter 59 on HVAC security.  Now this isn’t to be read as a comprehensive […]
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DC Power Revisited

By Green Data Center Man | Apr 25, 2019

DC power has been proposed for use since Edison debated with Tesla about which should be used.  Ultimately AC has been used more since it allows transmission over long distances which suited having large, centralized power plants.  But with so many of today’s devices and systems using  we see a resurgence of DC power AC […]
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Artificial Intelligence in Data Centers

By Green Data Center Man | Mar 11, 2019

First, how do we define AI?  In commercial buildings AI is often thought of as applying analytic engines on gathered information then use those models, algorithms, and rules to make better decisions on how the systems are operated.  Most of us aren’t programmers and we use the term AI with the intention of adding sophistication […]
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Environments to be Monitored

By Green Data Center Man | Nov 05, 2017

Monitoring a data center is an important part of managing how it operates and making decisions for the future.  Knowing what is important to measure and monitor is crucial, as the deluge of information and misleading metrics can begin to lead you astray. About one in three facilities will have an outage of four hours […]
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Choosing a Contractor

By Green Data Center Man | Oct 05, 2017

There are many clients who are now taking on projects small and large and getting the right contractor can lead to a successful project outcome. Here are a few of the key items to consider. Expertise: choosing a good contractor isn’t enough if the contractor isn’t good with critical facilities and data centers.  Their terms […]
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Lights Out

By Green Data Center Man | Aug 05, 2017

Lighting in the data center has been a target in data centers for a while, as they can have upwards of 1.5 watts per square foot of white space.  While this power density may seem small by comparison with the computing loads, any lighting with over 1.0 watts per square foot is likely higher than […]
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Adding Cooling

By Green Data Center Man | Jul 07, 2017

There are a number of ways to effectively and efficiently cool a data center.  Below are some considerations when looking to add cooling to your critical space. Strategy: Understand the cooling methodology for your data center: air and/or water; raised floor; hot/cold aisle; containment; perimeter cooling; localized cooling; liquid cooling; etc.  Establishing a new cooling […]
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Software Defined Data Center

By Green Data Center Man | May 06, 2017

Sometime in the next year the world will have about 3 billion users of the internet.  This expansion will continue to increase to about 3.5 billion or more by 2018 as access to new markets continues.  India and southeast Asia will see double-digit growth, assisted by Google, Facebook and others as they create new ways […]
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