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Building to the sky: Structure & Utilities

By Green Data Center Man | Mar 25, 2021

Typical data centers need stout structural support to ensure that the heavy equipment inside will be able to be supported without any possible issues. Increased density of IT equipment doesn’t just mean the power and cooling needs, but the servers themselves are physically weighing more than before. For a data center structural design this simply […]
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ASHRAE 90.4 Update

By Green Data Center Man | Oct 04, 2019

In most jurisdictions ASHRAE 90.1 is used as the building energy standard to be followed as part of their building codes.  Data centers were often exempt from 90.1 until 2010 when they were specifically noted to be included.  There was push back, as some provisions of 90.1 were deemed too prescriptive, so in 2012 there […]
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Metal Roofing for Improved Efficiency

By Green Data Center Man | Jul 26, 2019

Every year there are millions of square feet of data center space constructed but also millions of square feet that are renovated.  Over the course of 20-30 years, the interior spaces of a data center may be revised two, three or more times to meet the modern needs.  Along with this, whether the building is […]
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Learning the Trade

By Green Data Center Man | Feb 11, 2019

There is a lot of information to learn in the world and every day the data center industry seems to generate more to know.  In doing so there are some shortcuts that can help you understand and prioritize the things that are important in your field of work, whether design, commissioning, construction, management, operations or […]
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Balancing Density & Size

By Green Data Center Man | Dec 15, 2018

Data centers have become larger, more dense, and taller over the last decade. This growth is fueled by the expansion of data; of course, as every industry realizes how data can be used to improve their processes and every company collects and processes more information than ever before. But the deciding points of whether to […]
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Densification: Power & Cooling

By Green Data Center Man | Nov 09, 2018

Another option that continues to grow year-over-year is not going up or out at all, but solving the need for more compute by increasing IT density. The computing power density has risen from 5 kW per rack a decade ago to an average closer to 15 kW per rack for today’s new data centers. The […]
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Land: A Shrinking Resource?

By Green Data Center Man | Sep 04, 2018

The amount of land available to us is finite and we need to carefully manage how the land is deployed for the many things around us. This has led to the development of land use plans for cities across the U.S., and with the explosion of data this now includes adjustments for more land devoted […]
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Choosing a Contractor

By Green Data Center Man | Oct 05, 2017

There are many clients who are now taking on projects small and large and getting the right contractor can lead to a successful project outcome. Here are a few of the key items to consider. Expertise: choosing a good contractor isn’t enough if the contractor isn’t good with critical facilities and data centers.  Their terms […]
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Seismic Ratings

By Green Data Center Man | Aug 06, 2016

When do you need to have seismic rated equipment?  Should you have all equipment rated for an earthquake or just redundant equipment?  What equipment would be rated for a seismic event?  Of course the answer to these questions is – it depends. The need for seismic rated equipment depends on the level of risk that […]
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What’s Your Battery Room Spill Plan?

By Green Data Center Man | Jul 06, 2016

When is the last time you thought about the plumbing in your data center?  Likely, it is not often, but for your battery rooms it can be vitally important.  From day to day, most lead-acid batteries are stable, but a spill management plan can address the many safety, health, and environmental concerns long before trouble […]
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