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Over the years I have learned a lot about business and the messaging components.  I have learned that there is a lot that goes into the process, from raw research to how communications firms translate that information to an informative message.  Having a business unit behind you to do all of this is a great asset, one which I have not had until recently.

Since I have been getting some external aid, I have learned much more about why and how to convey information.  There is the important process of presentation that is part of the public relations.  Doing this properly is the means to change, instead of spilling information onto the web and hoping others will grab and learn from it.  So it was with a great amount of trepidation from certain legal entities that the site was stalled, but not dismantled, until now. Once again I hope to share and enlighten through this site.  I seek to empower others with information that can be used to improve facilities and their use of energy.

And now we’re mostly up and sharing, as many other sites have referenced articles that have been posted here.

Regarding the law, be sure to understand the basics of Cyberlaw (the internet isn’t the wild west) and when you need to reference your sources.  When you get into the depths of engineering, it quickly becomes important to understand how standards are developed and then adopted as codes in most regions throughout the world.  These can also be formed into regulations and of course there are always exceptions.  But we should be aware of not just this, but also of contracts – offer & acceptance – and what this means for the work you agree to perform.  Be keenly aware of the things that you are not qualified to do on your own, as this is a risk to you, your career, and everything you’ve built in order to compensate for a negligent mistake.  It is easy to reach out a lot to colleagues and experts on these subjects, and just like them, be a resource on data centers that they turn to for guidance.

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