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  1. What does the designer see as the important issues or considerations of the project?
  2. What are the associated challenges?
  3. How will the designer approach the project to resolve those challenges?
  4. How will the designer gather the needed information about your needs and goals, now and future, to complete the design? 
  5. What are the steps in how the designer establish priorities and make decisions?
  6. Is the project designer the same person that you will be dealing with directly, on a daily or weekly basis?
  7. How interested is the designer in your project?
  8. How busy is the designer?
  9. What does the designer expect from you?
  10. What is the designer’s experience with balancing cost with other priorities? 
  11. What will the designer show you along the way to explain the project and at what stages?
  12. What services does the designer provide during construction? 
  13. What sets your designer apart from others?
  14. What are the fees for this project and how did the designer establish those fees?
  15. If the project scope changes how will additional fees be determined?

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