Energy Audit

An audit of an existing data center is an easy, quick way to view your data center energy use and reliability of your systems.

Engineering Design

An existing data center mechanical & electrical systems may be due to upgrade to newer, more efficient & reliable technologies.

Software Upgrades

Working with new or existing systems, we can follow and improve the power, space, and cooling for the data center by using the best software tools.



Beyond meeting the required codes and following recommended standards, GDCM can act as the third party to independently obtain LEED, BREEAM, Uptime Institute, ENERGY STAR, and more for a project.

Reviews, Reports, Controls, Commissioning, and more

With professional engineering experience, what may start as an audit or report and lead to CAPEX and OPEX improvements for a data center; however this usually requires follow-through to the end to optimize and ensure results.


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With a scope, schedule, and budget we can find what works best to get started.