Servers Also Worry About Clean Air

Green cleaning is often about the products meeting environmental standards, which are a good standard for data centers as well as other facilities.  But extra care should be taken for data centers to control excess dust and airborne particulates.  Particles in the air can lead to equipment issues and increased failures, as has been shown in several industry cases where rooms with direct outside air, with minimal air filtering, has noticed a greater amount of failures over the same amount of time as similar rooms without.  Besides the increase in equipment issues, particulates can quickly collect on the filtering media to decrease efficiency of the air systems.  Because of this it is important to develop and adhere to standards and operational procedures that controls dust, especially when cleaning and replacing filters.  For the data center industry specialized companies that perform cleaning services can step in when an operations team is too busy or may not have clear cleaning standards to follow.  These companies not only worry about general dust, they also aim to eliminate metallic whiskers (zinc and others) that may have built up and could cause issues if stirred into the data center air.

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