Energy: Cost and Environment

Energy use impacts not just the environment through how we get our electricity and water, but also hits our wallet.

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Wait, what's a data center?

Fundamentals are key to understanding the details of data center operations and energy use.

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GDCM Advice: Why share?

Knowledge of the data center built environment is shared here to help others learn and do better with their own data center performance.

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What you measure matters

Don't just manage what you measure; make sure what you measure actually matters for improvement.

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Since 1993

Data centers use energy...

...but perhaps they could use a little less... or a lot less... or become neutral and off the grid completely.

There are ways that data centers can be designed, operated, and improved to use less energy than they do today.  With some this might be simple controls changes while others may have aging equipment, old designs, and inefficient practices that all need revamped.

The big internet companies have realized that whether new or old, most data centers can improve by studying and adapting new ways of designing and operating, from the macro buildings to the micro IT.  As most continuously improve their equipment, buildings, and sites, we can follow these practices and learn how to improve yet further.

We are seeing the next generation of data centers emerge with even better performance, using less energy & water, and lessening the environmental impact.  We have learned, and now we need to practice this everywhere we go.

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Aiming for net zero...

There are numerous groups aiming for a net-zero energy data center; while this may be a lofty goal for most, it can be done.